The essential guide to sales and marketing alignment

Learn how to drive revenue growth by getting your sales and marketing teams on the same page.

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Sales and marketing teams have repeatedly run into the same problem: misalignment. A good connection between sales & marketing is often a complex process. Both teams work in separate departments and have different perspectives. If misalignment is not handled correctly, it could cost your company leads, customers, or the opportunity to grow. 

Reading this whitepaper will help you break down barriers between your teams, prevent your teams from operating in silos, and start working towards optimised sales & marketing cycles, to receive a predictable flow of qualitative leads that makes business growth possible. 

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The subjects we will cover in the whitepaper are 

  • What is sales and marketing alignment

  • The importance of sales and marketing alignment

  • The benefits and challenges of aligning sales and marketing 

  • What you need to consider before implementation

  • How to put it in practice 

On average, 79% of leads acquired through marketing are lost in the transition to sales (HubSpot) (2)

This whitepaper will help you 

  • Align your marketing and sales teams through specific steps

  • Increase the return on marketing investment 

  • Boost your sales effectiveness by strengthening your sales cycle

Sqales x Brandsea

This whitepaper is the brainchild of Brandsea and Sqales. Both organizations are HubSpot Partners but have a different focus, whereas Brandsea focuses on marketing, Sqales focuses on sales. A few months ago, we discovered that combining our efforts leads to greater effectiveness and creates more opportunities to help our customers. 

Through our partnership, we are a practical example in which marketing & sales alignment is carried out, as we have to perform this flawlessly with our customers every day. This white paper is based on the experience and combined knowledge of both marketing and sales experts. We would like to share the success formula of marketing & sales alignment that we have used in our collaboration, the goal is to help more companies achieve better results.

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